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"At the end of the day, I hope this is more about the fairness and accuracy of my reporting than about my hairstyle." -- Jennifer Eccleston


06.30.2004 09:00 AM EST - Latest Jennifer Eccleston Sighting - I am hearing reports that she reported live from Ohio this morning on MSNBC concerning the situation with Spc. Matt Maupin, 20, of Batavia, Ohio, a member of the 724th Transportation Company.  If anyone has a screenshot or can provide a video clip, that would be Great.  Thanks!

04.11.2004 - Jennifer Eccleston reports from the Vatican in Rome concerning Pope John Paul II and his special Easter message.

Jennifer Eccleston on NBC

Jennifer Eccleston on NBC


04.03.2004 - First Report - Jennifer Eccleston was welcomed to NBC Nightly News by Brian Williams after reporting from Wisconsin about people driving off without paying for their gas. - Mike

Jennifer Eccleston is Back!
Now Reporting for
03.31.2004 - Look for Jennifer on NBC Nightly News &
the Today show as a foreign news correspondent.

08.27.2003 --

Dear Bobby,

A quick, delayed note, once again, to thank you for such a congenial and chic website. It is truly an enjoyable and informative read. I am continually amazed by the response from viewers. I've been a journalist now for well over a decade and have never received such attention. It is humbling. I am especially intrigued by the comments regarding my "live" delivery. The attention to detail is astounding. As a result, I am particularly mindful to my "live bounce." There have been many suggestions as to why I tend to rock during some appearances: caffeine overdose, hyper-stimulation and nerves.... one person even suggested that I am in constant need of a bathroom! As a result of such feedback, I remain keenly aware of this idiosyncrasy and do my utmost to keep it in check. I was, according to my mother, allotted a considerable dose of nervous energy at birth.

Your website has also re-introduced me to a great many old and dear friends from many, many, many years ago and for this I am most grateful.

Currently, I'm enjoying some down time at home as I await my next assignment. I am contributor to Fox News until the end of the year. This means I am called when needed.

Kind regards to you and all those who've posted messages.

Jennifer Eccleston

I need any information, stories and pictures you have and wish to contribute!  Especially as it relates to her new affiliation with NBC!  The static pictures you see of Jennifer on this site are all the pictures I have so far.

Please send your email submissions via Submissions @ Jennifer-Eccleston . com


Most Recent Fan Mail and Site Feedback

What a pretty lady! When the Asteroids are heading in, I want Jennifer to tell me about them! Somehow any bad news from her will be easier to take cause it is coming from such a doll. Best wishes Jennifer and let's be safe out there!

Thanks very much for the info. I was with Jennifer Eccleston and her crew in Liberia for a couple of weeks and found her a very interesting and intelligent woman. Since I live in London, I don't normally get Fox broadcasts but wish I did since getting to know her a bit.



Glad to see that you heard from Jennifer.

I'd like to thank her for helping me remember the name of the college my little brother is going to for Grad school. It's the same one she attended. (It just thrilled him that thinking of her could bring the name to mind, but thinking of him couldn't.)

Also, Jen, whatever you do, don't lose the "live bounce." It's part of what makes you wonderful to watch. Have a good vacation. If you are going to be in London sometime soon, let me know. I'd love to set you up w/ my little bro.


Bobby: Thanks for the update, and for all the work you're putting into keeping us "in the know" about Miss Shock & Awe!


I pray for all those in harms way,especially our troops and of course it is nice to hear Jennifer Eccleston is back safe.As you said she takes a lot of dangerous assignments and her courage is as commendable as her beauty and talent.

I agree with your response to her letter when you said her mannerisms are her signature.I am reminded of what an English professor once told a class I was in.Shakesphere made no gramatical errors(although he made many in his writings)because he was Shakesphere.Jennifer Eccleston is not bound by any journalistic protocol.Her story is told well and correctly because she is who she is.Academic criteria may apply to guide the marginally talented but she is unique and thereby correct by her own right.Her artistry is not bound by scientific outline.

It was nice to hear from her again and I hope her next assignment is not videophone(she was pretty anyway) and not near as challenging to her safety.

Thanx again---Rich

You lucky SOB!

I guess I haven't been keping up with your site to realize that you have become "penpals" with Jennifer Eccleston. It's been ages since I've had a crsuh on anyone, even my wife refers to Jennifer as my "girfriend".

You're right though.. her "idiosyncrasies" are what make her so endearing. Far beyond being just so damn sexy and cute, is that she comes across as being real, and very down to earth and personable. Please tell her not to change a thing, we love her, she's perfect just the way she is. It's refreshing to find a news-person not jaded, and one that has that "certain something"... I'm quite impressed that she will correspond with you, that makes her seem even more precious!

Again, you lucky SOB!

Best Wishes,



Thanks for the update on Jennifer Eccleston. She's sure hard to keep up with. I've seen her a couple of times since the last report. She sure does get around and is working hard. Last time I saw her (I think it was in Liberia) she looked tired. Maybe jet lag. Maybe too much caffeine. Either way, she's still georgeous, and a great journalist.

Thanks again.
O. Wolf

Thanks for the update Bobby.

I've been occasionally peering into the web site from time to time, just to see what's happening with Jennifer Eccleston. As a matter of fact, I visited only three days ago after a several month absents! How strange. I must have sensed the Jennifer vibe coming our way!

I'm glad to know Jennifer's doing great!

Keep up the good work, Bobby.

Vicariously through you,

Pasadena, Ca

After reading Jennifers last post to you Bobby i am very worried.Worried that fox may not renew her contract and that would be like losing a fellow marine.Please let Jennifer know that her fans want to know where she is and that she is safe.Thank you.

Bobby couldn't have said it better. Jennifer's unique delivery and natural look are what set her apart from the pack.

Jennifer please don't become self conscious. Just be yourself and watch what happens.


Thanks for the update. I am an avid Fox News fan, and have been wondering where she had gone.

Jennifer, enjoy the time off. And don't change a thing. As Bobby said, it is you. Embrace it and run with it.


This is a quick note to THANK YOU for the web site and all the info you have give us on Jennifer Eccleston. I think it is good that Jennifer is getting some down time though. I like the rest of her FANS do MISS HER.


George from MA

Hello Bobby!

You know what amazes me?? I believe that much of FOX's popularity and ratings come from having great taste in journalist, such as Jennifer Eccleston, reporting live from a "hot spot."

I was with you on this website when it first got going and am glad that it is going stronger than ever. Jennifer Eccleston is unique and out of the ordinary. Her appreciation and comments are not surprising to me. She's quite the sensational one...isn't she !! I always stop what I am doing when jennifer show's up at a "hot spot" on Fox. I also worry about her safety as if she was a daughter of mine. She touches our hearts and minds, a FOXie Queen of delightful anticipation.

AND..Jennifer dear!! Don't change anything about you, keep-on truckn' !!

Capt. Dave (Ret.)
Former DC-8 and B-727 Captain
West Tennessee


I saw one clip of her in Oslo,Norway a few days ago interviewing come muslim guy. I really didn't hear the whole story and haven't heard of her since??


Thank you for the update! You run a very professional and relevant website.


It's about time you got some vacation in. I'm glad to hear that you are relaxing for once. Again, I want to reiterate what Bobby has already said, don't change, ... it is your idiosyncrasies that make you so intriguing and downright wonderful to watch.

Stay strong, we all look forward to your next assignment.


I read Jen's mail and would just like to say:

Nooooooooooooooooo!!!! Don't change a thing, Jennifer!!!!!!! We love you just the way you are!!!!!!!

Tom in Jawja

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